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Be the woman you envision by embodying her traits. 

I AM. Bracelets
Think. Believe. Manifest

Why Choose I AM Bracelets?

The intention behind I AM bracelets is to give you a quality bracelet with themes that will remind and encourage you of the woman you are or want to be. Both of our store owners, Sara & Virginia, worked in the jewelry industry early in their careers and since have had a love for it. Virginia was in Jewelry design for a while and Sara in sales. After a couple bracelets busted, it was disappointing and so frustrating paying for expensive elastic bracelets that were sure to break within a year. Virginia had the idea of creating the bracelet with a specific wire she was familiar with. She's been testing it for years now! The beads and their meanings are truly the beauty of I AM. bracelets. Here at I AM. Bracelets we believe the stones deserve to be showcased on a reliable material. I AM. bracelets is here to offer you a bracelet that is meant to last, has meaning, can be personalized, put on with one hand and has a built in safety feature. The key was choosing a magnet clasp and adding a catch chain. The catch chain has dual purpose, assisting you when putting it on and catching your bracelet. to prevent loss. We are excited to share these with you and want you to be happy with your product. If the bracelet wire breaks or comes undone, please contact us. We will make it right and hassle free. We hope you enjoy your I AM. Bracelets and they change your life like they have ours. 

About Us

Sara & Virginia

Store owners

Welcome to our store! We are so excited to share our story with you. We became really good friends in 2019. It started off with leaning on one another for woman-to-woman perspective in our personal and then in our professional lives. Through the years we became closer and were encouraged by friends and family to go into business together. Several times. We began bouncing the idea around more and more of a shop. Not long after, we sat down for coffee to design the intention of our business, one that aligns with who we are as women, mothers, and friends. We firmly believe that we have become the women we are today by visualizing a higher self and working to become that person. The bracelet traits are those of which we see in our futures. They are meant to affirm and act as reminders that you can be the thing that you want to be by embodying it.